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Karaikudi City Guide

Karaikudi, which is the biggest city in the district of Sivaganga, is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. The place is famous as the capital of Chettinad region, comprising Karaikudi with 74 other villages. It is also known as one of the five fastest emerging vacation spots for visitors. The historic buildings, outstanding local cuisines and excellent shopping delights make the place ideal for tourists. The name Karaikudi is associated with the type of houses built with special limestones called 'Karai Veedu'. A type of plant called 'Karai' spread over this area is also associated with its name.

Karaikudi is customarily a part of the inherited residence of the Chettiyars. The Nattukottai Chettiyars was a flourishing banking community that was successful in overseas trade in South as well as Southeast Asia in the 19th & early 20th centuries.

Places to visit

The Museum: At Chettinad, there is a house- converted to museum, which is nearby the Raja's palace. This intricate basket housed everything from Spice Boxes (masala dabbas) and choppers to ladle sets and rice bins. There is also traditional jewelry as well as clothing, huge copper water vats and grain and everyday items that outline Chettiars lifestyle. Chettinad Mansion is a traditional or heritage home bringing to its privileged customers the lifestyles of the Chettiars. The flooring too includes Athangudi tiles, lime mortar, anai adi Kallu, marble etc.

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Chettinad Palace: The well-known Chettinad mansion is also famous as the Raja's palace at Kanadukathan. It was built by S.A.R.Ramaswamy Chettiar. The construction got started in 1902 that took ten years for completion. It is enormous extending more than 40,000 square feet and rooms bedecked with use of Italian marble, Burmese teak wood and English steel. From Karaikudi, the palace is about 10 away.

Karaikudi Day Excursion Trip to Pillayarpatti:

Pillaiyarpatti Temple: It is located 8 km east of Thirupattur, 15 km west of Karaikudi & 68 km east of Madurai. One can see the famous Karpaka Vinayaka Temple at the end of the road. The village gets its name from the shrine. The presiding deity of the temple is Karpaga Vinayakar (God Ganpathi). The figurine of Ganpathi is 6 feet high & 5 feet wide. People gather here during festive season and a large number of pilgrims visit the place every day.

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