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Rameshwaram City Guide

Rameshwaram is one of the famous pilgrimage centers of Hindus. It is located in the Tamil Nadu region. The city is situated on a beautiful island, which is separated by a tiny Pamban canal from Sri Lanka. The island is spread over an area of 61.8 square kilometer. Here is the famous Lord Rama Temple (Ramanatha Swamy Temple). The temple is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture. The holy place comprises of 22 wells, which water is considered different from each other. The water of the wells also features medicinal properties.

Major Attractions in Rameshwaram:

Ramanatha Swamy Temple: At This place of worship is dedicated to Lord Ramanatha Swamy and Lordess Parvadhavardhini. The lingam of the temple is one of the 12 Jyothirlingas of India. Ramanathswamy temple is renowned for the longest temple corridor ever constructed in India.

Note: Foreigners are not permissible or allowed into the sanctum area. Foreign visitors are allowed till the 03rd corridor of the temple.

Entrance fee Time to visit Holidays Video camera camera
NO 5.00 Hrs to 12.30Hrs & 1630 Hrs to 21.30 Hrs NO Rs. 100/- Rs. 50/-

Dhanushkodi: It is named after Rama's bow and is located at the eastern end of the isle. It is 8 km away from Rameshwaram. The boulders and rocks around the sea between Sri Lanka and this place, famous as Adam's bridge are supposed to be used by Hanuman to get into Sri Lanka. Dhanushkodi was entirely ruined by the cyclones occurred in 1964. Kothandarama Swamy temple is the just salvage of the tropical storm. The Kothandarama Swamy temple features the idols of Lord Rama, his consort Sitha, his brother Lakshmana, Hanuman and a regretful Vibhishana.

Gandhamathana Parvatham (Ramar paadham): It is a hillock located 3 Km to the North of the holy place is the highest peak in the island. There is a Mandapam featuring two-storey, where Rama's feet (Paadham) is located as an imprint on a chakra.

Annai Indra Gandhi Bridge (Pamban Bridge): Pamban Bridge is the 2.2 Km Length Bridge that connects Rameshwaram Island and the mainland. It is the longest bridge in India built over a bay. Likewise the Railway Bridge connecting the Rameshwaram is renowned for its exclusive opening to bypass the ships and boats through the sea.

Agnitheertham: Agnitheertham is located at a stone throw-away remoteness from the Ramanatha Swamy Temple. The holiness of the place makes it an admired bathing-spot for the visitors and pilgrims. A bathe in the Agnitheertham is believed to take away the sins of the visitors and pilgrims. Ideally, a dip at Agnitheertham paves the way to visit the Ramanatha Swamy Temple.

Thiruchendur: It is eminent for the Murugan Temple, which is situated on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. This place of worship is the 2nd abode of Lord Murugan out of six abodes. This is the only holy place of Lord Murugan, situated in shoreline. It is 170 kms away from Madurai and takes 4 hours drive.

Dress Code: In this shrine you have to follow strict dress code. Gents should cover their body by full sleeve shirt while women can put on either Sari or Chudidhar.

Entrance fee Time to visit Video camera camera
NO 5.00Hrs to 12.30Hrs & 15.30Hrs to 20.30Hrs Not Allowed Not Allowed

Devipattinam: During a trip from Tanjore to Rameshwaram, one can visit this place. It is 70 Km from Rameshwaram. A majority of devotees pay a trip to this ancient Thilakeshwar Temple, generally known as Navagraha Temple at Devipattinam. At Devipattinam, Lord Rama placed 9 stones as symbols nine planets or Navagraha. Those 9 stones can still be observed partly flooded in the water near to the seashore of the Navagraha Temple.

Festivals and Celebrations in Thiruchendur:

Skanda Shashti, the 6th day of the waxing moon (in the Tamil month Iypasi).

The Thiruchendur Brahmotsavam of Masi in February-March is celebrated each year wherein all the three holy place cars are pulled and the celebration is conducted for 12 days concluding with a Teppam or Float Festival, which is much respected Twice a year, once in Aavani (August / September), once in Tamil month Maasi (February / March) . The temple Bhramotsavams are organized and they are celebrated for 12 days.

Courtallam: This is renowned for astounding Waterfalls. It is situated at a height of 167 m on the Western Ghats in the district of Tirunelveli. The waterfalls of Courtallam are considered to have curative properties as the waterfalls run through jungles and herbs. Many rivers such as the Manimuthar River, the Chittar River, and the Tamarabarani Riverand Pachaiyar River originate from here. The period in Courtallam generally begins from the June's last week & ends at the first week of September.

Courtallam is about 160 kms away from Madurai and takes 3 ½ hours drive.