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Health Issues

India is a developing country and while traveling to India, visitors need to keep few points in mind to kick off several health ailments. Before departure, it is vital to pay a trip to clinic to make sure that the traveler receives all the essential medications and immunizations.

Hygiene and sanitation in India

Hygiene and sanitation is severely lacking in India and can become reason of many health problems for its visitors. Population is a major problem in India and people with respiratory problems like asthma need to carry their medicines. Indian food is famous all across the globe for its spicy taste, but can also become the reason of travelers stomach upsets. To tackle this condition, make sure that you only eat freshly cooked food and if you eat outside, then eat only in good eating points.

Below is a list of health disorders that most of the travelers face while roaming in India.

  • Dehydration
    This is a very common health problem faced by many travelers and generally results from scorching heat of the sun. To put a stop over this issue, it is suggested to carry Oral Rehydration Salts and drink ample of water, also make changes in diet to cure dehydration. In addition to this, also shun food from railway station vendors and cheap restaurants.
  • Diarrhea
    Another health issue, which is encountered by a good number of travelers and generally results from the intake of contaminated water and food, is Diarrhea. Also, most of the travelers find that their stomachs don’t appreciate the changes in their diets. In order to cure Diarrhea, ensure that you guzzle up sufficient amount of water and eat fresh fruit or vegetable salads. If you are a meat eater, then keep yourself away from eating non-vegetarian food in cheap restaurants and from roadside food stalls.
  • Dengue and Malaria Fever
    These are other health afflictions that are faced by numerous travelers who visit India. Both of these health issues are transmitted by mosquitoes and create a whole bunch of problems like fever, weight loss, weakness etc just after the season of monsoon. Malaria is a bacterial problem that can be easily averted by consuming anti-malarial medicines and one can prevent dengue by applying a strong mosquito repellant cream on exposed body parts.
  • Typhoid
    Typhoid is commonly passed by contaminated water or food. Diarrhea, sweating, high fever etc are some of the indications of this disease. Typhoid is avertable by taking needle or oral vaccination and with antibiotics as well.

Tips for staying healthy in India

Always carry anti-bacterial hand-wipes with you. Before eating, make sure that you clean your hands with anti-bacterial soap or use an alcohol-based gel. Drink clean water and eat freshly cooked food. Avoid excessive eating outside as it can upset your stomach. Carry necessary medicines with you, so that in case of any emergency, you can tackle the condition.

So, follow these simple tips while traveling to India and enjoy your vacation at fullest by staying fit and fine.

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