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Shopping in India - What to buy

Shopping in India can be a wholly exhilarating experience for every visitor. From bustling city markets to exclusive shopping malls, India gives you an exotic and broad array of shopping alternatives. Since many centuries, India has kept its art & crafts alive in the form of outstanding wood work, blue pottery, exquisite jewelry and an endless list of other items. Every part of India has something special to offer its visitors.


India has a big market of textiles and if you are a shopping enthusiast, then you Indian textile is a must buy for you. Hand block prints from Rajasthan and fine embroidery work at Lucknow, carpets and shawls from Jammu & Kashmir and exquisite silk sarees from South India are some popular textile items.

Wooden, Pottery and Stone Work Items

These are other remarkable items that visitors can buy. Wooden artifacts, traditional pottery and amazing stone work items that are manufactured in several villages of India. Midnapur in West Bengal is renowned for art & craft, Karnataka for wooden handicrafts, and Rajasthan for stone work handicrafts.

Metal Ornamentation

Metal craft includes silverware, copperware, brass work and gold enameled jewelry. Visitors can go to Muradabad and Lucknow for beautiful silver and gold jewelry and metal ornamentation work. On the other hand, Kerala and Tamilnadu are quite popular for copperware and brass embellishment. In concise form, we can say that shopping in India will give you an experience to remember for lifetime.


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