What to Pack for India Trip
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What to Pack for India Trip

Going for a vacation is quite exciting, but packing stuff for the trip can be a stressful and tedious task for many people. The cut down the stress and streamline the process, make a packing checklist for every member who are going for the trip. By this way, you won’t forget anything and it will also give peace of mind during the last chaotic moments of flying for a trip.


Pack clothes that are suitable for the weather and comfortable. Resist the temptation to over-pack outfits. A simple way to lessen the size of luggage for a trip is to pack outfits that can be used on various occasions. No matter, you are going for a casual vacation, keep at least a pair of formal outfit; this will help you out in tackling the unforeseen invitations. In addition, if you are going to a tropical destination, it is vital to pack some warm clothes. Also, bring multi-use footwear that is appropriate for various


Medicines are other important items that most of the people forget to pack while planning a vacation. Medicines for general health problems like fever, cough, cold, headache etc should be packed in sufficient amount. Along with this, also pack medications for allergic problems. Also, make sure that pack your prescribed medicines in their original bottles. Moreover this, keep anti-diarrhea medicines, stomach soothers to cure bad reactions to any food items or bacterial infection.

Personal Care Items

Personal care necessities like soap, deodorants, shampoo, toilet paper etc should be packed in the traveling pack. For your convenience, carry anti-bacterial hand wipes in your bag. Keep mosquito repellant with you to shield the body from annoying mosquito bites. A torch, your favorite electronic devices like I-pod, DVDs, travel-size games, slip books, movies etc should be packed in the traveling luggage.

India Guide Book

While planning trip to India, ensure that you carry a good Indian travel book along with you to check out the information about tourist attractions, exact location of tourist spots, and advice about what’s avoidable and what’s not. Keep a travel book and make your vacation much more enjoyable.


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