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India is world famous for its mouth watering yummy delicacies that can satisfy your taste buds very easily. Almost all forms of food in India are spicy with their own distinct flavor, taste and spice content. Eating out in India is always fun and can introduce you to a number of new dishes with sumptuous flavors. From roadside bhel puri to lavish fine dining, all are available in India.

Thai, Chinese, Italian, Continental, European are the popular international cuisines. Red curries, pasta, chop suey and lasagna abound on menu cards. In terms of popularity, South Indian and Mughlai delicacies top the list. Mughlai dishes rely on sweet-smelling spices, and succulent meats that are roasted in tandoor and can be heavy for you. Chicken tandoori, mutton kormaand Zafrani Pulao are popular Mughlai cuisines for food lovers. On the other hand, South Indian cuisines are quite tangy, light and vegetarian. ‘Dosas’ are South Indian specialty that is served with sambar and coconut chutney. If you are bread lovers, then you must try ‘Lachha parantha’ ‘Paneer parantha’, and ‘Methi parantha’ for a special treat.

Tea is the staple drink of Indians and most of the Indians start their day with a hot cup of tea. Masala Chai is the most famous chai that is made with mixture of spices boiled in milk. Apart from Chai, sweet lassi and buttermilk are also popular amongst people of north India. In addition to this, people who love to take shots of alcoholic beverages can hit bars and lounges that are available in India.

When it comes to eating out in India, you have endless choices. Chicken burger served with jiffy, frothy coffee or strawberry capped ice-cream filled cone that brings a smile on your face, all has made their ways in India. Many fast food chains like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s and Dominos Pizza have set up their eating shops in almost every Indian city.

One can find out all sorts of restaurants and hotels in India, catering to the taste buds of all the classes of society. If price is not a matter of concern for you, then you should definitely go for fine dining. It not only offers you world-class food, but you can also see a different class of people over there. Apart from exclusive fine dining experience, the food of roadside ‘dhabas’ is also a must try for any visitor. Black Dal, Palak Paneer, Shahi paneer, Lassi and variety of paranthas are the special attractions of dhabas.

No matter wherever you go in India, at every corner you’ll find a new dish with aromatic taste. Overall, we can say that India is a food fest for people who love to eat variety of tastes and flavors all across the nation. It’s like tasting the cuisines of various countries in a single journey.

At the end, while eating or drinking outside in India, make sure that you pay attention towards the hygiene of any eating place so that you can stay away from any sort of health problems.

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