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Wayanad in Kerala is the perfect example of who mesmerizing the nature can be. The region is admired for its hills and mountains, forest areas, wildlife destinations and a variety of plantations. The term ‘Wayanad’ translates to the land of paddy fields. The unbound spreads of paddy fields make the area truly fascinating for the nature-lovers. The beauty is further extended by the fields of cash crops like pepper, tea, vanilla and coffee.

The hills in the area are usually covered with mist, making the sight enthralling and the climate extremely pleasurable. The region also has interesting sites in the form of Edakkal Caves accommodating carvings, relicts and paintings of Stone Age. Some of the most visited religious places in the region include Hindu Temples like Thirunelli Temple, Ananthanatha Swami Temple and Valliyoorkav Temple. Varambatta Mosque and Pallikunnu Church are other religious places visited by the religious travelers and other tourists.

One of the most popular attractions is the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary accommodates a huge variety of species like tigers, elephants, bears, deer, panthers and monitor lizards. Floras include moist deciduous forest trees like rosewood and bamboo. Other worthwhile places of interest in the region are Pookode Lake, Kuruva Dweep delta system, Sulthan Bathery fort and a number of majestic waterfalls.

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