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Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India and is home to one of the oldest civilisations on earth. For the visitor this affords a glimpse into the ancient past of India which, in many other parts of the country, has been lost through millennia of invasion, migration and conquest. While all of India is deeply spiritual, there is no other part of the country where the daily lives of the people are so deeply intertwined with their religious beliefs and sacred rituals.

Tourist Places in TamilnaduThe main draw of Tamil Nadu for visitors comes in the form of the state’s thousands of unique temples. The largest and most famous of these in cities such as Tanjore, Trichy and Madurai are vast structures which more than live up to their reputation as ‘cities within cities’- enclaves not only of worship but of commerce, social interaction and daily life. Countless smaller temples around the state may be physically less imposing but are still at the heart of community life in towns and villages across Tamil Nadu. At tourist places in Tamilnadu like Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram, the temples are of such significance that they are recognised on the UNESCO World Heritage list as being of special importance in tracing human cultural development across the ages.

The scenic splendour of Tamil Nadu might be easy to overlook when considered alongside the cultural importance of many of the region’s most significant monuments, but the natural beauty of South India makes this almost impossible. From the palm-fringed beaches along the coast, to the patchwork of emerald-green rice paddies which encompass vast swathes of the Cauvery River delta and up into the soaring peaks of the Western Ghats mountain range, Tamil Nadu boasts some of India’s most stunning scenery. Within the forests of the Ghats can be found many of India’s most iconic wildlife including large herds of elephants in Mudumalai and other parks.

The cuisine of Tamil Nadu is quite unique and the food here is quite often a highlight of many visitors’ trips in its own right. Vegetarianism is predominant here and the use of rice in myriad different forms is a hallmark of many Tamil dishes. A trip to Tamil Nadu can be extremely diverse, taking in temple festivals, trekking, beachside relaxation, superb shopping and interaction with people who are arguably the most friendly in India. There are so many tourist places in Tamilnadu to visit and enjoy of your trip like Meenakshi Temple, Navagraha Temple, Roch Fort and many more.

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