Explore Jaipur Cultural Day Tour With Guide tour Activities

Explore Jaipur Cultural Day Tour With Guide

Explore Jaipur Cultural Day Tour With Guide travel guide

Accompanied by your guide visit the highlights of the capital city of Rajasthan including:

Hawa Mahal "Palace of the Winds" – is in fact a façade, viewed from the outside, overlooking one of the main thoroughfares of the walled the city. Since the Hawa Mahal was built at a time when women of the royal families had to observe strict purdah, many believe that the Hawa Mahal was built, just so the court ladies could watch the processions and various activities taking place on the streets.

The City Palace – within the palace are a number of small museums showcasing textiles, armory and personal treasures from the Maharaja's family. The architecture of the City Palace is a synthesis of Rajasthani and Mughal styles. There are many splendid small palaces and halls in the complex, such as the Chandra Mahal, Mubarak Mahal and Badal Mahal. There is also a famous temple called the Shri Govind Temple and a museum inside, named the City Palace Museum.

Visit Jantar Mantar home to the world's largest working sundial. Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the Rajput ruler of Amber and the founder of Jaipur was a learned man and an astronomer. An excursion through Jantar Mantar is a unique experience of walking through large solid marble structures that are designed to probe the heavens using ancient scientific knowledge.

Visit The Albert Hall Museum designed by Colonel Sir Swinton Jacob in 1876 to greet King Edward VII as Prince of Wales on his visit to India. Positioned amidst the gardens of Ram Niwas Bagh in Jaipur, this museum has an assortment of rare exhibits on display including textiles, carpets, paintings, metal craft, wood crafts, pottery, armory, toys, dolls and even an Egyptian mummy.

Continue your sightseeing by a visit to The Jaigarh fort. It was built to bolster up the defense of Amber. The highlight of the tour of Jaigarh Fort is definitely the Jaivana, which is the world's largest cannon on wheels. It was built in Jaigarh's foundry in the year 1720. The Fort has a lot of wide water channels, which were a part of a rainwater harvesting system. Visit the museum and the armory which has many swords, shields, guns, muskets and even a 50 kg cannon ball.

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