Jeep Safari Bandipur National Park tour Activities

Jeep Safari Bandipur National Park

Jeep Safari Bandipur National Park travel guide

A part of the vast Nilgiri Biosphere,Bandipur National Park in Karnataka is no less than heaven for wildlife lovers. The park is known for its dense cover of timber and fruits trees,shrubs and flowering plants. A memorable jeep safari through the park is what every visitor loves to enjoy. Conducted by the forest department and the local resorts in the area,jeep safaris take the tourists on the majestic wildlife trips.

The Bandipur forest jeep safari is an exciting and adventurous activity which is the best way to explore the thick woods of Bandipur. The safari can be done by a group,a family or even a solo traveller. Hire a jeep and set off for an ultimate wildlife safari at Bandipur. The safari lasts for almost 2.5 to 3 hours.

The Bandipur Jeep safari timings are as follows :
Morning : 6:30 am to 9 am
Evening : 3:30 pm to 6 pm

Bandipur National Park is a part of the Project Tiger and you can seek the opportunity to encounter a royal tiger during the jeep safari. Other animals that can be spotted during the safari include elephants,panthers,leopard,gaur,sambar,mongoose,sloth bear,wild boar and many more. Many different varieties of birds,insects and reptiles can also be found on these expeditions. Accompany a knowledgeable driver and naturist on this excitement safari through one of India’s most popular wildlife reserves.

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