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Why visit Kerala during monsoon?

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Being a Keralite, I often feel proud and never miss a chance to boast of my homeland’s beauty. Kerala, as we know, has reserved its name at the top of the tourist charts all over the world. It is one among the top 10 hot spots and millions fly here during the season time which is September to February. It is cool, calm and of course stupendous. However what most of the tourists miss and are probably unaware of, is that Kerala never stops entertaining, even during the monsoon [June to October]. She is ever blissful and charming that all throughout the year she mesmerizes every traveler with her sheer exuberance. Visit Kerala during the monsoon for a varied experience you would love for sure.
Rain! Who doesn’t love rain? We Keralites are blessed with it. I remember my school days when I used to get wet I loved it. When I got older, I started loving it more. The dark clouds fill up the sky and the chilly breeze hits your spine. That is when the monsoon alarm rings and the feeling is out of the world. Whenever I am home during the monsoon, it is my favourite pastime to sit on my sofa and enjoy the rain. Beholding a cup of hot coffee definitely, adds more love to it. Playing football during heavy rain is another monsoon madness of mine. Rain always invokes a sense of peace, excitement, happiness which I cannot express through mere words.
Now coming to the point, as a travel junkie and a proud Keralite, I would like to drop in some comments for you all. For those who would love to see Kerala in her pretty distinct yet vibrant outfit.
Here is why you would love to visit Kerala during the Monsoon-

1. Water, Water Everywhere

There are numerous waterfalls in Kerala and it is during the Monsoon and the post-Monsoon months they get lively. Mark my words, there is nothing more stunning than to witness these roaring waterfalls making their way down. Some of the most renowned waterfalls in Kerala are the Athirapally Waterfalls, the Vazhachal Waterfalls, the Soochippara Waterfalls and many other names in the list as well. Reach out, take a bath under the shimmering waters of these giant falls, get wet and have fun. Is it fun? Super doper fun indeed!

2. Off season for travelers [May-September]

Since it is not the official season time, the flow of travelers would be low and the air tickets and accommodation would be cheap as well. If you belong to that group of travelers who do not like to follow the herd, this is the time. if you like to avoid the rush of tourists or perhaps you are visiting Kerala to relax rather than getting outdoors, then I highly recommend you to visit during the Kerala Monsoon.

3. The hills turn your eyes green

Everyone who has ever made a visit to Kerala knows how fabulous the Kerala hill stations are. N number of honeymooners fly to Kerala every year to kick-start their romance and I am sure it never bored them. The outdoors feels no less than paradise at Munnar, Wayanad and Periyar. During the Monsoon, the scenario is different. Constant rain restricts tourists inside, yet I must tell you, a visit will never disappoint you. A tip? there would be short breaks in between heavy rainfall. Use it to get out and enjoy the magnificence of the rain drenched mountains, grasslands and country roads. There is no doubt you would be literally dumbfounded by the greenery that surrounds you. The verdant mountains pose their absolute beauty as the sun rays fight their way through the clouds and find them. Let me know if your eyes do not turn green. I bet they will.

4. Beaches and sea food? Great!

For the sea food lovers, this is a high time to savour some of the exclusive Kerala cuisines. Beach side restaurants and beer parlours at the Kovalam and Varkala Beaches serve some of the exquisite sea food menu. Stroll through the crescent beaches of Kovalam, Chill out and catch some finger licking good Grill fish or Kerala Fish Fry. Opt for an Ayurvedic massage at various popular massage centres and rejuvenate your mind and body.

5. Bustling backwaters

The backwaters of Kerala is on every traveler’s list. It is a unique stretch of backwaters in the world and the face of Kerala tourism as well. A houseboat cruise through the backwaters of Alleppey is a delightful experience and during the Monsoon, it gets even more exciting. Though it would be raining the whole time, the experience you would have while floating through the narrow canals and countryside is meant to remind us of how intricate yet artistic the whole creation of nature is.
Visit Kerala during monsoon.
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4 comments on “Why visit Kerala during monsoon?”

    • Susan Woodward
    • August 10, 2017

    I wish to travel from Goa to Kerala and back inFebruary. What mode of transport would you recommend ?

      • Indian Panorama
      • August 11, 2017

      Dear Ms. Susan,

      Warm Regards,

      A pleasure to receive your comment.

      Coming to your query, we would say the mode of transport depends upon your convenience.

      We have passed on your details to one of our Kerala specialists Ms. Divya.
      She will soon get in touch with you and assist you with the same.

      For more information about all Indian destinations, please visit our website below-

      Good luck and Happy traveling!

      Indian Panorama

        • Sue Woodward
        • August 11, 2017

        Yes – was wondering what you thought was the best option for this journey, thanks, Sue Woodward

          • Indian Panorama
          • August 11, 2017

          Dear Ms. Susan,

          Thanks again for your comment.

          I would say it depends upon your travel plans, the time you are planning to spend and the places you would like to cover. Since Goa to Kerala distance is about 700 km, you could cover a lot of other places in between, for instance- Hampi [Historical ruins in Karnataka], Gokarna Beach, Udupi, Coorg and much more. In that case, definitely, a private car from a trusted tour operator is your best option to halt and explore each and every place in between and make the most of your trip. However, for that, you would definitely need to stretch up your vacation in India.

          In case you are having plans to go directly to Kerala from Goa, I would suggest to catch a flight and fly directly to Kochi airport [Kerala] and you could start exploring the God’s own country.

          Hope I could be of some help. 🙂

          Please do let us know in case you need any further clarification or assistance regarding your travel plans.

          We are at your service and would be a pleasure to assist you.

          Good day to you!
          Happy Traveling!

          Indian Panorama

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