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The Danish Heritage of Dansborg Fort

The major trading port for the Danish Colonists who coined the name Tranquebar, the fishing village which was later under the control of the East India Company is the Tharangambadi village which is at a distance of 275 km from the state capital Chennai.

Tranquebar was a busy port during the olden days and now the reminiscents of the rulers are the major tourist attractions. The Dansborg Fort, the New Jerusalem Church and the popular Danish homes top the list. The magnificent wooden doors constructed during 1792 welcomes you at the entrance of the village. The largest building in the village is the residence of the Danish Governor which was built in 1784.

Another stunning building is the Dansborg Fort, opposite to the Governor bungalow is said to be the masterpiece of the Danish contributions to architecture. Built in 1620, the fort faces the sea with enclosing stonewalls and cannons. The fort has now been transformed into a museum which is a treasure for those fond of History.

Close to the sea front is the Masilamani Nathar temple, built in 1305 by Mahaverma Kulasekara Pandiyan. Some parts of the temple are still intact and in use but the temple is being eroded by the sea Other sightseeing places include the Lutheran churches and grand bungalows of the Danish Governors' and the British Collector's residence.

The streets and the buildings speak volumes of the stories about the lives of the Danish and British colonists which will definitely give you a different enthralling experience

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