Varkala City Guide

Varkala travel guide

Situated in the state of Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram district, Varkala is a small coastal town. It is about 50 kms north-west of Thiruvananthapuram and 37 km south-west of Kollam city. Over the past couple of years the town has become an eminent seaside resort. It is the only location in southern Kerala, where you can find cliffs next to the Arabian Sea. These cliffs have been declared geological monument by the Geological Survey of India. One can also find numerous water spouts as well as spas on the sides of the cliffs.

The 2000 years old Janardana Swami Temple is the most significant religious landmark of Varkala.

Nearby Airport : Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, 60 kms away.

Nearby Railway Station : Varkala- 3 km away

Attractions to Visit

Sri Janardhana Swamy Temple : It is a Hindu pilgrimage centre. Each year the Hindu devotes resort towards this temple in huge numbers.This holy place is erected on a hill top. The inner sanctum doesn't allow Non-Hindus. Non-Hindus can only visit the surrounding temple place.The original holy place was a Vishnu temple that got ruined by the tidal waves. After several years, a Pandyan King re-constructed the shrine.

Papanasam Beach This seaside location is heaven for swimming and sun-bathing. This beach is counted among the most popular tourist destinations of Kerala. The sunset views from this place are worth watching. The beach features a number of restaurants, resorts and shops that attract thousands of tourists.

Anjengo Fort : It is the most important Centre of the Dutch East India Company. It is very near to Varkala Town. This Fort still reminds the supremacy of the East India Company.

No entrance fee. Monday Holiday

Sivagiri Mutt : It is a renowned ashram that was set-up by Sree Narayana Guru (1856-1952), the social reformer and philosopher. This ashram is also the H.Q. of the Religious Organization Sri Narayana Paripalana Sangam founded by the Guru to proliferate one Caste, one Religion and one God. During the 30th Dec to 1st Jan (Sivagiri Pilgrimage) thousands of devotees come to the ashram.

  • Entrance fee
  • Time to visit
  • camera
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  • No
  • 5.30 AM to 12:00 noon & 4.30 PM to 7.00
  • Not Allowed
  • NO

Sarkara Devi Temple : This place of worship is a renowned ancient temple located near Varkala at Chirayinkeezhu.The holy place is eminent for the kaliyoot festival that is celebrated in March (the Malayalam month of Kumbham). This celebration is the most popular festival of Varkala.

Kappil Lake : It is situated at the outskirt of Varkala. The lake is famous for the scenic beauty that is worth to see.

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