Jaipur Amber Fort Elephant Ride Indian travel guide

Jaipur Amber Fort Elephant Ride

Jaipur Amber Fort Elephant Ride travel guide

Amber Fort Elephant Ride at jaipur

Included in the Full Day Jaipur tour and in the Half Day Amber Fort Tour

Amber Fort, just outside Jaipur city, is one of the most impressive structures in Rajasthan. As the Fort was built to be an impenetrable fortress, it makes sense that approaching it on foot is quite a climb up a winding path as one ascends the ramparts. Amber Fort today welcomes visitors rather than repelling them, and everyone visiting the Fort must approach either by jeep or on elephant back (access to near the base of the ramparts is by car). Each elephant carries two passengers and as the elephants' welfare is taken more and more into consideration only a limited number of trips per elephant per day are permitted.For this reason it is not always possible to guarantee an elephant ride - especially during busy periods and the peak season. However you do reach Amber, it is a memorable experience as you draw closer and closer to one of the great monuments of Rajasthan.

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