Bishnoi village excursion Indian travel guide

Bishnoi village excursion

Bishnoi village excursion travel guide

A half-day visit to the Bishnoi tribes who occupy much of the desert and semi-desert of western Rajasthan offers a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of this unique group. The Bishnoi are widely regarded as India’s original conservationists; such is their attitude to, and care of, the fragile environment in which they live. The Bishnoi are semi-nomadic people, with many herdsmen travelling vast distances into neighbouring states in search of viable grazing land for their goats. They do maintain some permanent encampments however and it is very interesting and rewarding to visit one or more of these on an excursion from Rohet Garh. You will get a chance to see the way of life of the Bishnoi and speak (with help from your guide) with tribal elders about their traditions and beliefs. The village visits are conducted in a sensitive and non-obtrusive way. And any thoughts of ‘shielding’ the villagers from the influences of the outside world are probably irrelevant anyway- the villagers use modern technology including mobile phones to communicate with one another about weather patterns and where to find the best pasturelands for their flocks!

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